We are ramping up for 2021 for our 15th year anniversary, "Movement is Universal" We are rapping up with our 14th year celebration of the, Destined 2 Dance Awards, "Over a Decade of Movement." The concept of this years D2D Awards show is to show a movement from within our hearts being poured into our creative movement through the decades of change. D2D Awards is one of the most original and captivating dance awards shows that recognizes prestigious dancers for their hard work through the art of dance, as well as showcasing electrifying dance performances from all dance genres.              We are ready to take on the new year,         Have you proven dance as your destiny?

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  Evolving Courageously   Dance & Fitness Retreats

We are now taking registration for 2021 Destined 2 Dance Awards Show Dance Performances, Sweatfest Sweat Whine & Werk Tour and Bet U Can Move Like This Dance Workshop Classes in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Athens & Santorini, Greece, Bali, Japan, Egypt and a state near you. Make sure to click on the registration tab for more details coming soon

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