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      Destined 2 Dance Awards originated in December of 2006. The show was first set as an outlet to build clientele for studios, while allowing them opportunities to showcase electrifying performances in the front of a live audience. The performances consisted of 13 different individuals or dance groups representing different genres of dance. The primary function of the show is not just to entertain, but recognize prestigious dancers, studios, choreographers, directors, and others who contribute to the art of dance for their superior work. There are specific time frames to nominate dancers that have made a great impact in dance through their blood, sweat, and tears. There are numerous categories to give amateurs and professionals that have inspired others a chance at the same playing field based on the different criteria.


     The ultimate goal of D2D Awards is to open the eyes of those unfamiliar with the art of dance and help those that are familiar with all genres of dance to become more diverse and aware of the history behind dance.


     Since 2006 Destined 2 Dance Awards has expanded into 4 major cities that host all of the surrounding touch states. By December of 2016 we will complete a total of forty shows amongst different states, 1 Country, and 1 Cruise Line.  The D2D Awards Show appears one night annually where all have an opportunity to pull out there semi-formal attire and join forces with some of the pioneers of dance regionally.


     Since 2011, we are happy to introduce a new addition to the growth of D2D Awards called The Bet U Can Move Like This Dance Workshop.  It is one of the most cost effective company dance programs that showcase diverse dance styles. Our dance workshop is not your traditional workshop; it contains different professional instructors teaching a different style of dance every hour. Our instructors that come aboard love giving back to those within the communities that have a love for dance and hunger to learn of all ages.


      In 2016 we are excited to begin the D2D Awards Social which will allow dancers to get on the dance floor and do what they love and network with others within the audience and on the dance floor. The social features all styles of music including international rhythms.


      2018 We are excited to launch our new project  Destined 2 Dance Awards Dance Festival hosting a multitude of dancers from artistry, competitive, recreational dance, and those who love dance backgrounds all together for a day of fire. Special guest from the Guiness World Records Book will be joining us as we reach for new heights and make history with the longest soul train line in the world, THE SOUL K.  

     in 2018 we have introduced d2d awards to the world of stage introducing, "when dance meets music" featuring many artist living out their artistry and telling a story (Their story) through characters.

     in 2020 Destined 2 dance awards  began tapping into dance at its full capacity internationally to allow opportunities to reach those impacting their communities through the art of dance.

     In 2021 Destined 2 Dance has rebranded their company to destined 2 dance awards entertainment & Production . the reason for this change is to add extended content within entertainment and film. they have a branch that is consistant with projects that streamline dancers into the film industry with the ability to create content and write documentaries, features, reality tv, and shorts. over the next few years d2dawards ent.  will be collaborating within  the film industry to incorporate dance within film or create an open outlet to allow artist to live out their destiny whether through film or television in different capacities as actors and actresses.

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