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Main Cast:
Revisiting the Heart

4 Bros


Due to past life experiences four friends created a circle of trust amongst each other while straddling the fence in one reality vs another. Consumed by their own ambitions, two of their children were abducted into the human trafficking ring. While living their lives as chameleons in the shadows. They must come together to find the children without revealing their truths. This film is Produced, Directed, and Written by: Athena Cosby  

Associate Producer: Shabazz Hamid                         
Call to Action | Suspense | Drama 

Revisiting the Heart


Currently we are working on the release of the upcoming indie feature film called Revisiting the Heart written and directed by Athena Cosby.  This film about A lead homicide detective returns home after a year in the midst of an escalating murder case and finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue and deception amongst those in her inner circle as she struggles to uncover the truth. Mystery | Drama | Romance | Suspense

Tickets can be found on as we prep for our Red Carpet Premiere at several locations listed below:

June 12 Area 51 Aurora Cineplex, Roswell GA. | June 19 Flix Brewhouse Okc, OK.  | June 25 Studio Movie Grill Alpharetta GA.  | July 6 Landmark Chicago IL. | March 2023 Emagine Royal Oak, Detroit MI. | March 2023 Studio Movie Grill (Spring Valley) Dallas TX

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